Book Health for Well-Being

Book Health for Well-Being

Build the base camp for health in your company.

Develop and reward your employees with this pedagogical work of art for establishing the foundations of essential healthy lifestyle habits

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Value for your company

Encourage a culture of good health

A book written to help you build a culture of good health and wellbeing in your company, developing values of self-knowledge and self-care.


Establish the pedagogical foundations of healthy lifestyle habits

The book offers you a 360º all-round view of health, and examines in depth the six essential foundations of healthy lifestyle habits: Knowledge and respect for our body’s biorhythms, optimal and conscious nutrition, deep and restorative sleep, physical exercise and the optimal management of stress and body weight.


Prevent burnout developing your health-generating forces

The human body has its own internal forces, which work day and night to generate health for us. But our current lifestyles are weakening these forces. We cannot change the external demands on our system, but we can strengthen our internal resources in order to respond to them in a healthier and more balanced way.


Bridge the gaps in your knowledge of health and wellbeing

In the human body everything is interrelated. For corporate health and wellbeing programs to be efficient and profitable we need to ensure that everybody starts off with the same degree of knowledge about how our body, mind and emotions work, and how to look after them.

Dr. Lourdes Tomás

General practioner and Phd
in cardiovascular diseases

Dr. Lourdes Tomás

General practioner and Phd in cardiovascular diseases

A book based
on a proposal

We are trained and vocational physicians, working to make self-knowledge and self-care a new value in people’s lives.

Knowledge is power

We want to democratize the access to medical knowledge so that each person can regain the power to manage their own health and wellbeing, and take responsibility for it.  

Prevention is better
than curing

We want to change the passive relationship that so many people have with their state of health, and put in place a medical model that is not based merely on reacting to disease, but on accompanying you in the processes of maintaining and promoting your health over the long term.

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Value for the employees

Improving life quality

A book written to help people make small changes in their lifestyle habits, which will lead to big changes in their quality of life.


Developing your own, informed judgement for making choices about healthy lifestyle habits.

This book offers healthy advice and explains the reasoning behind it, so that each person can make their own decisions based on informed judgement, choosing what is best for him- or herself. This way, each of us can become a proactive and self-sufficient promotor of our health and wellbeing over the long term.


Obtaining stable and lasting energy levels for the whole day

Without energy, nothing works. Our productivity, our ability to face daily challenges, and of course our work-life balance are all affected when we lack energy. In this book you will discover the secrets of the natural ways of maintaining stable energy levels, including staying in tune with our biorhythms, nutrition and quality sleep.


Regaining control of the stress response, and switching it off when it is not needed

Here you will understand why stress, a mechanism that keeps us alive and active during the day, has become obsolete in our modern society, and is making us sick instead of saving our lives. This book presents a new approach to managing the stress response, helping you to understand and optimize its natural function and showing how to deactivate it when it is not needed.


Regaining control of our body weight and managing the factors that lead to being overweight

You will understand that fighting fat is not just a question of willpower. It is an evolutionary and social problem. The main cause of being overweight is disinformation and a lack of informed judgement when making nutritional and lifestyle choices. The right choices can allow us to maintain optimal body weight without any need for diets.

This is the ideal time to give your employees the gift of health and wellbeing

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